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Writing Across the Curriculum Lunch, October 4

Date: Wednesday, October 4, 12:00pm (food ready by 11:50)

Location: Hinckley Center Assembly Hall, free for faculty

Presenter: Brian Jackson

Topic: "Your Students Took Writing 150—So/Now What?"

My guess is that over half of the students you have right now have taken Writing 150, the first-year writing requirement offered here at BYU. So what if they have? What does that mean to you? What can you expect them to be able to do, or not? How can you build an intellectual bridge from your course back into the past to their Writing 150 course and help them cross into a new threshold of communication awesomeness?

Join us on Oct 4th for a WAC lunch conversation about how we can more effectively cue students' writing knowledge in our advanced disciplinary courses. We'll talk about what it means to transfer knowledge from one learning context to another—from our writing class to your public health or sociology or engineering class. We'll introduce you to the outcomes of Writing 150 and invite you to imagine how your course can build on those outcomes.

Sign up here to attend.

We hope to see you at lunch!